Enclosure setup

The enclosure is designed to keep your tracker hardware protected. While you can use any type of enclosure, the most important aspects are weatherproofness 🌦 and resistance to ultraviolet light.

The enclosure plays an key role in correctly positioning the hardware components in relation to each other. We plan to support Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras that will allow for distance and speed calculations and zoomed videos 🔎 This feature requires the known position of both cameras.

There are several designs that you can chose from. Some options place the tracker equipment in a single box, or split it into a camera array and a (or multiple) sensor array(s). Some questions to consider before proceeding are:

  • Where will you be able to place your Tracker? On a roof? In a garden or balcony?

  • Which position is going to give you the clearest view of the Sky?

Sky Hub Tracker deployed in Austria using Big Box Enclosure