The Big Box

This enclosure requires you to 3D print some parts and cut some 8mm plastic sheets then assemble. If you don't have access to a 3D printer, people within the community are willing to help. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you can cut the plastic/wooden sheets by sawing with a jigsaw.


Here are the instructions which include a list of parts and a comprehensive guide. We also include here the STLs for 3D printing, and DXFs for laser cutting packed in ZIP files:

The files above assume the metric system, and units of length are given in millimeters. If working with e.g. a 3D printing ensure the STL or DXF files are imported using [mm].


Dahua 12MP Fisheye

  • All the parts included with the camera.

Coating the 3D printed fisheye tower

  • First sand down the outer walls of the tower to flatten the surface.

  • Take a sealing lacquer and cover the outer surfaces in 3-4 steps - always sanding between the steps.

  • Finally use a lacquer spray to give it a nice finish.

Mounting plate for Fisheye

  • Fixed with 3 screws and nuts

Dahua 12MP Fisheye mounted

Fix and seal to the top enclosure wall

  • Make sure, no water can ingress here!

Fixing the doors barriers on the front wall with outdoor glue

Mount the fan together with the vent duct onto the Nano

  • The rubber strips, that come with the fan, are great for fixing all together.

View through the left door

  • ATX-PSU 350W powers all electronics with 5V and 12V with sufficient power for future sensors.

  • The Nano is mounted on the foundation.

  • The Noctua fan is mounted on top of the cooling ribs and the vent is fixed to the fan.

View through the right door

  • The air intake (right front) is covered with gauze, that is kept in place by a rubber band.

  • Behind is the 5-port switch.