Purchase Hardware

The Sky Hub system is still under development and a work in progress. We encourage you to join us as an early adopter but be aware that the system software is currently in alpha and hardware changes are still possible.

What you need

There are 3 different build options you can choose from based upon different Jetson microcomputers.

  • Option 1 (approx $700)

    • Based upon the Jetson Nano. It is sufficient for processing high resolution data from a single camera. There are two models: 2GB and 4GB. You will need the 4GB developer kit model. You will need a fan i.e. 5v 4-pin PWM fan (40x40x20mm) as below.

  • Option 2 (approx $1100)

    • Based upon the Jetson Xavier NX. This is the mid-level option. It will handle high resolution video data from more than one camera so would be a good option if you plan to expand your system later. It already has an integrated fan. You will need the NX developer kit version.

  • Option 3 (approx $1400)

    • Based upon the Jetson Xavier AGX. The Xavier AGX is the supercharged option. It will handle high resolution video data from multiple cameras. It has an integrated fan. You will need the AGX developer kit version.

Purchase items

Once you have chosen an option above, you also need the following additional items.

= required, = optional but recommended, = not required, = purchase the correct version

Item /example links

Option 1-Nano

Option 2-NX

Option 3-AGX

Noctua Fan - 5v 4-pin PWM

Micro SD - min 64GB

USB3 Storage - min 250GB

NVMe Storage - min 250GB

Fisheye Camera - see below

Adafruit GPS - USB version

GPS Antenna - for GPS

SMA to uFL - for GPS

USBA to Micro-B - for GPS

Ethernet Switch

ATX PSU - at least 300W

ATX Breakout Board

SPST Toggle

Barrel Jacks - 2.5mm NX, 2.1mm Nano

3 x ethernet cables

Right angled C13 adapter

Although we provide example links to the recommended items we encourage you to look around for better prices.The total tracker cost is largely depends on choice of camera, microcomputer and shipping.

Fisheye camera options

The Dahua Fisheye camera listed above is one of the most expensive items and often the most difficult to source. We recommend a 12 MP, either:

  • IPC-EBW81230 (25 fps)

  • IPC-EBW81242 (newer model capable of 30 fps)

The price of these cameras fluxtuates greatly. However, we have found the IPC-EBW81242 for around $400 on eBay. If you drop into the chat channel we will be able to provide you with further suggestions for where to source these cameras.

You may want to look around for other camera options, but please bear in mind that it should be IP based, support the RTSP protocol, and H265 standard.