Camera setup

Power on camera and connect to your network. Follow the camera initialization according to the manufacturer's instructions and set a username and password.

It’s recommended that you assign a static IP address which you should be able to do from your router settings page.

With a Dahua camera you can adjust the following settings for video, conditions and profile

  • Set Encode Mode to H.265. H264H cannot be used because Flexible Macroblock Ordering is not supported by our video decoder.

  • Disable the sub stream

  • Disable the watermark

  • Change Bit Rate Type to VBR

  • In the overlay tab it's possible to put the tracker name on the video as origin

  • In night mode switch to b/w and raise the gain a bit and adjust to the local lightnoise

  • Turn off the IR mode

  • Day - Anti-Flicker Outdoor, Mode Auto, 3DR On 60

  • Night - Anti-Flicker Outdoor, Mode Manual, Shutter 1/3, Gain 0-100, 3DR On 60


Set day and night mode transition times in the schedule UI e.g.