Power supply

The PSU 🔌 is not immediately compatible with your tracker. You will prepare male barrel jack connectors for the Jetson, camera, ethernet switch, and will add a master on/off switch.

  1. Cut a red and black wire from the ATX connector and attach to the correct screw terminals of a barrel jack (red +, black -). This will give you a 5v connector for your Jetson.

  2. Cut a yellow 💛 wire and black wire and attach to the correct terminals of another male barrel jack (yellow +, black -). This will gives a 12v connector for your camera.

  3. Cut the green 💚 wire and a black wire and screw to the terminals of the SPST toggle switch. This will be a master power on/off for your tracker.

  4. Finally, prepare another barrel jack connector for your Ethernet switch. This could be either 5v or 12v - you will need to check on the device itself and then follow either 1 or 2 above.

Keep in mind safety - the PSU should be unplugged. Also be aware you are likely voiding your PSU warranty. Check the voltages on all hardware before preparing the barrel jacks.