Software install

With the hardware setup complete, it's now time to install the Ubuntu operating system and the Sky Hub software. Follow the Nvidia Instructions for flashing the Ubuntu 18.04 Jetson image to the SD card:

After that is complete (~10 mins), insert the SD into the SD slot on the Jetson (opposite USB ports under heatsink).

Power on the tracker

Power everything on for the first time. Ensure all your hardware in connected like so:

  • Ethernet cables

    • Router -> Ethernet switch

    • Ethernet switch -> Jetson

    • Ethernet switch -> camera

  • Barrel jacks connectors

    • Jetson device

    • Ethernet switch

    • Camera

  • Connect the Jetson to a monitor / tv using HDMI or DP port. Also connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the ports on the Jetson (one time only)

  • Finally, switch on the PSU toggle switch!

Configuring your Ubuntu account

  • On first boot of Ubuntu set a username and password, timezone etc

  • Then open a terminal window (right-click on Ubuntu desktop)

Installing Sky Hub

Installation of Sky Hub is made to be as simple as possible by the developers. Carefully copy and paste the following command into the terminal window and press return to run.

sudo wget --no-cache "" -O "install" -o /dev/null && sudo chmod u+x ./install && sudo bash -c 'source ./install'

Installation will take about 10 mins to complete. During the installation you will be asked to format your SSD drive.