Software setup

Now it's time to configure the software on your Tracker. This stage assumes all hardware is setup and connected as outlined here.

Configuring your Ubuntu account

  • On first boot of Ubuntu set a username and password, timezone etc

  • Then open a terminal window (right-click on Ubuntu desktop)

Install Sky Hub

Installation of Sky Hub is made to be as simple as possible by the developers. Carefully copy and paste the following command into the terminal window and press return to run.

sudo wget --no-cache "" -O "install" -o /dev/null && sudo chmod u+x ./install && sudo bash -c 'source ./install'

Installation will take about 10 mins to complete. During the installation you will be asked to format your SSD drive.

With the Tracker powered on, you can open the web interface 💻 by entering skyhub-tracker.local in your web browser.

Tip: bookmark this page in your browser for easy access!


The first time you open the UI you will be presented with a registration and configuration wizard. This will step you through setting up your Sky Hub account and configuring your tracker.

  • You will need to provide a tracker 'Node Name' which is your public ID for your Sky Hub tracker. One is automatically generated for you but you can change this if you want.

  • Set a hostname for your tracker node

  • Set an email address and password for your tracker account. This will be used to login to the tracker UI so make a mental note of it.

Adding Cameras

The next page allows you to register one or more cameras to your tracker. You will need to provide the following details:

  • Camera name - 'Fisheye' or something else which is descriptive of the camera you are adding is fine

  • URI - enter the IP address and port number of the camera preceeded by rtsp e.g. rtsp://

  • In the location field you can enter a description of where the camera will be physically located e.g. Deck, Roof etc

  • Enter the login credentials of your camera

  • Select the type of camera that you are adding from the dropdown box (i.e. Fisheye or PTZ)

If you are adding more than one camera, click 'Add Camera' then go through the same process. If not click 'Next' then click 'Done'. You will be taken to the login page for your tracker