User interface

Login 💻 to the Tracker web interface at skyhub-tracker.local


Once you login you will be presented with the main Dashboard. Use the buttons on the left of the UI to navigate to:

  • Event Log

  • Video Library

  • Tracker Logs

  • Settings

On the main Dashboard page you will see system status information, a summary of the most recent events with access to some of the latest videos recorded by your tracker.

There's also a button to toggle privacy mode on/off which hides map and GPS coordinates (useful if sharing screenshots).

Event Log

This page provides a breakdown of all the events logged by your tracker i.e. date/time, duration. You can see more details and the video for the event by clicking 'View Details'.

Video Library

The video library contains the videos of all events captured by the tracker.

Tracker Logs


On the settings page you can rename your node. There are various ultility functions for e.g. resetting or restarting the tracker. You can add additional cameras to your system from here as well.