Accessing the Data


Sky Hub will provide data in two forms:

  • Scientific Dataset - This dataset will include all data in its raw form and will not be minimized (removal of sensitive data).

  • Public Dataset - This includes all data, but all sensitive data will be removed or minimized to avoid putting sensitive data such as GPS coordinates to the trackers in the public domain.

The Scientific Dataset is currently available as an Early Preview and access to the dataset is being managed by the Scientific Advisory board.

Data Access Requirements

We are working to provide access to a public data set that will be published for everyone.

  1. Request membership to the Science Team and send your resume to [email protected]

  2. On membership approval you will be provided an NDA that will be required to access the dataset.

  3. Once you've supplied a signed copy of the NDA to the Science Team you can proceed to setting up your account.

Account Setup

Setting up account credentials

Generate a hash for your password:

You can use any system that has docker installed, or you can ssh into your tracker and run the following command at the shell.

$ docker run authelia/authelia:latest authelia hash-password <changeme>

Once you've generated your password, please email [email protected] with your desired username and the hash produced by the command above.

Setting up two-factor authentication

Document process here...