Advisory board

Chair of the Science Advisory Board Background: Chemical Engineering, SciComm Twitter:@MadScientistPod

Dr Chris Cogswell

Astronomy, 3D Printing and software design including GUI

Christian Ambros

Software development and sensor team development. Sky Hub co-founder

Corey Gaspard

Engineering, Design, Generative Engineering, CAD/CAM Hardware and DIY fabrication

Richard G. Hopf

Software and sensor team development. Sky Hub founder

Steve McDaniel

Applied Mathematics polymath with experience in communications science and engineering. Founder of Federated Wireless, Inc, EW, SIGINT, SDR and early member and technical contributor to GnuRadio, spacecraft engineering with experience in remote sensing and founder of Hawkeye 360, Inc. Amateur Radio: N4HY Systems engineering, analysis of sensors and systems engineering and overall science and architecture advice. LinkedIn

Robert McGwier

Audio and acoustics research, soundscapes and environmental noise. Data analysis. Acoustic sensor

David Moore

Meteorology, SciComm Data anlaysis and application

Niki Morock

Scientific computing, atmospheric physics, data analysis. Data anlaysis and application

Carlos Peralta

Biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, chemistry

One´ Pagán