Mission statement

Primary goals

The goals of the Sky Hub Science 🔬 Advisory Board are two fold:

  1. Develop testing parameters and methodologies to allow for the highest quality data to be obtained from Sky Hub trackers and other sources

  2. Develop data analysis methodologies and structures to assist in the use of collected data

To that end, the understanding of the current state of the art in fields related to the stated goals of Sky Hub are paramount. The Science Advisory Board will require significant expertise and knowledge to make the best case for the technology being deployed, as well as understand the results of these investigations. The scientific and engineering needs of Sky Hub can broadly be categorized in the following fashion:

Machine Design and Construction

Enclosure Space design and analysis

  • Design of enclosure to limit interference and noise

  • Ergonomic considerations and ease of build for users

  • Determination of feasibility of in house build and deployment for end user purchase

Sensor Design, Choice, and Protection

  • Calibration

  • Troubleshooting

  • Usage and limitations

  • Analysis of data and result output

In-Situ deployment considerations and Integrated Data Collection

Data integration and Output

  • Software deployment and build

  • Collection and filtering of data

  • Back end analytical methods on data

  • Output methods for data

  • QA and Error Propagation minimization

Data Analysis and Application

Initial Data Analysis and Output

  • Scope analysis of data usage and limitations

  • Output of data in a usable way, e.g. conversion of vector output from video analysis to speeds, accelerations, etc.

  • Error limitations and error propagation minimization

Data Application

  • Development of hypotheses of interest

  • Development of methods to limit false positives, and ease categorization of data in-situ

  • Science communication and deployment to public