What is a Tracker?


A Sky Hub Tracker combines an embedded computer, sensors, and imaging equipment to provide a sophisticated platform for intelligently identifying anomalous events occurring in our skies. The Tracker will allow a wide range of spectrums to be observed to look for anomalies or signatures that are caused by UFOs and UAPs. It consists of:

  • Hardware - microcomputer, at least one camera, gps, sensors, power supply etc

  • Enclosure - specially designed thermoformed housing to protect and correctly position all hardware

  • Software - free open source software developed by the Sky Hub team and community

We do not sell complete Sky Hub tracker builds. This is a DIY project currently and a tracker is something that can be built by enthusiasts using off the shelf hardware. We will, however, be making available official Sky Hub enclosure available to purchase very shortly through our website!

How a tracker works